New Catalogue of Decorations

catalogue of decorations

We present the newest CATALOGUE OF DECORATIONS 2014. You can find in it a lot of inspirations for creating a cozy and modern interior. Fur bedcovers , cushions made from velvet and exclusive furs, fashionable blankets or smooth cushions of Natural Home collection, are some of our proposals. We encourage you to buying in our online shop , in the office on Dlugosza 11 street in Kalisz and through contact with our specialists. Meanwhile, we invite you to watch CATALOGUE.

Zapraszamy na Home Decor w Poznaniu

targi home decor

Zapraszamy serdecznie na targi Home Decor na MTP. Na stoisku nr 129 w pawilonie 5 zarezentujemy pełną ofertę produktów: tkaniny meblowe, futra dekoracyjne, aksamity oraz produkty dekoracyjne: poduszki dekoracyjne, narzuty, koce, pościel wełnianą. Targi potrwają od 18 lutego do 21 lutego w godz. 10.00-18.00, a w piatek 21 lutego do godz. 17.00.

Do zobaczenia na targach!

Dedicated fabric for Warsaw Rail as a direction of trends

tkanina komunikacyjna dedykowana

In an interview for Warsaw Fast City Rail, Marcin Szulawy – Manager of transport fabrics in Runotex, said “Fabrics for Warsaw is rightly regarded as one of the most successful project of our company for the transport industry. Fabrics designed for Warsaw began a direction in fabrics trends on polish market that also other cities quickly followed. You can read more about development of dedicated transport fabrics on

Runotex’s Internet Shop

firmowy sklep internetowy Runotexu

Moving ahead of XXI century clients expectations and following ubiquitous trends of internet shopping we decided to open Runotex’s Internet Shop for You:
FWR Runotex S.A. Internet Shop


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