Nice and soft cotton velvet Check
Velvet fabrics
Nice and soft cotton velvetCheck
Drapery fabrics
Nice and soft cotton velvetCheck
Knitted fur fabrics
Our range of furniture fabrics includes plush fabrics, flat fabrics, and velour fabrics.Check
Furniture fabrics
A carpet is an indispensable element of decor of every apartment. Thanks to it, the interiors of our rooms are more cozy, and their aesthetic qualities undoubtedly please our eye.Check
Carpet fabrics
Nice and soft cotton velvetCheck
Products for interior decoration
We produce upholstery fabrics for seats in buses, trains, trams, on ships, etc. We offer velour fabrics, flat fabrics and fabrics for finishing of vehicle elements.Check
Fabrics for public transport
Materials intended for inserts for flat mops, cleaning gloves for cars, as well as wiping cloths.Check
Fabric for mops
Materials for covering of paint rollers adapted for painting various surfaces.Check
Fabrics for paint rollers