Fabrics for public transport

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Fabrics used for covering the seat in public transport must be durable, flame-retardant, resistant tp decoloring, easy to maintain, but also comfortable for the passenger, aesthetic and well designed. We are able to meet the expectations of the most demanding customers.

Our long-standing experience means that we know what fabrics are best in vehicles running on short distances (trams, city buses or suburban buses), and what parameters should have the upholstery used on seats in trains or long-distance coaches.

In our offer of fabrics used in public transport, you will find upholstery materials for armchairs and finishing elements for ceiling lining, headrests, curtains, etc.

The upholstery fabrics for seats used in rail and wheeled vehicles can be divided into two groups: velour and flat fabrics. In each of these groups you will find fabrics made of various raw materials.

Velour fabrics (haired, plush)

– woolen velour fabrics

– woolen – polyester velour fabrics

– polyester velour fabrics

flat, woven fabrics

– flat woolen fabrics (as a standard covered with an anti-dirt agent) -polyester flat fabrics (in standard covered with an anti-dirt agent)

All our fabrics meet required by law standards related to:
– fabric strength (PN EN ISO 12947-2 2 abrasion resistance >100 000 Martindale cycles)
– flame-retardance (PN EN 45 545-2, Reg 118 UNECE)
– tear strength (PN EN ISO 13937-3)
– tensile strength (PN EN ISO 13934-1)
– fade resistance (e.g. PN EN 105-B02, PN EN ISO 105-X12, PN EN ISO 105 E04, PN EN ISO 105 E01)
and others.

Additionally, they can be covered with:

– anti-dirt agent ( e.g. Teflon Fabric Protector)
– antistatic agent
– an antibacterial agent

as well as have
– increased resistance to vandalism (tearing)

Our Quality Control Department ensures that quality standards are maintained at every stage, from deliveries to finishing of the fabric. Each batch of material is tested in our internal laboratory to ensure that the product that goes to the customer has the highest quality.

Our design and engineering department is available to our clients to advise them and create together even the most original projects, according to the vision and the visual identification system of our customer.

The fact that our company is located in Poland, in Kalisz, gives us not only competitive and logistical advantage, but also makes our customers can actively participate at each stage of creating of a new designs, beginning from inspiration, through visualization, production of samples to the choice of proper pattern and implementation of series production.

Besides the fabrics, the modern design of the vehicle interior has additions and finishing elements, such as headrests, ceiling lining, curtains, etc. perfectly matched in color. We make materials in every color in our dye house, which allows you to create very original as well as classic vehicle interiors.

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