Fabric for mops

Woven fabrics and knitted fabrics intended for mops, gloves and cloths
they are created individually in response to the individual needs of our clients.
The offer of woven and knitted fabrics includes:

1. Material: yarn or fibers:

• polyester – microfibers
• cotton
• cotton-acrylic
• additionally, colored polyesters, polyamides and other dyed fibers or yarns
Microfiber is characterized by low linear density, below one denier.
Depending on the amount of microfiber used in the nap cover, the fabric can absorb from 2 – 8 kg of water / m2.
2. pile height: from 3 to 24 mm – for knitted fabrics with dense pile
3. Areal density (g/m2): 300 – 2000, from very light to super heavy with microfibers
4. colour: single-coloured or dyed from mass-dyed yarns or with colored stripes, dice and other patterns
5. finish: adapted to the manual or automated production of mops
6. other: water absorption, shrinkage tests and other, at the customer’s request we perform at 95oC
Our production is based on European REACH standards.



We cooperate with the largest manufacturers of finished products delivered to individual customers through stores, wholesalers and international retail chains in the country and abroad: Germany, France, Austria, the Czech Republic and to the east – Ukraine.
We invite everyone who looks for a flexible supplier, who want to adapt the product to customer expectations.

We invite everyone interested in starting cooperation with us.

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