Fabrics for paint rollers

Woven and knitted fabrics for use on paint rollers
We adapt our product to the individual needs of our customers, i.e. manufacturers of paint roller, taking into account:


• polyester – micro-fibers
• Acrylic
• polyester standard
• polyester-acrylic mixture
• wool
• mixture: wool / polyester / acrylic
2. the pile height: from 3 to 24 mm- for mini rollers and high-quality knitted fabrics
3. areal density: (g/m2): 300 – 2000, from very light to super heavy with microfibers
4. color: single-colored or colored, with colorful stripes, cubes and other patterns
5. finish: adapted to manual or automated production with the use of technology of applying the pile cover with the method of thermofusion in paint rollers
6. other: regarding paint rollers, we try to please our most demanding customers by meeting not only the technical specifications of the fabric, the absorption and giving of paint by the fabric, the amount of mini-fibers left on the painted surface, but also European standards REACH, which the fabric should comply with considering the harmfulness of contained substances.
Our products are delivered to producers supplying their products to wholesalers as well as domestic and foreign trade networks: Germany, Czech Republic, Italy, Spain, etc.


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