Smooth velvet

Technical parameters:

Composition: 100% cotton
Width: 150+/-5 cm
Weight: 400 – 420 g/l.m. 267+/-19 g/m2
Type of finish: crease-resistant, waterproof, anti-dirt, water washing is also acceptable

• Natural material
• High quality
• Nearly 50 colours
• Colors with several faces that you can discover in daylight and in the evening
• Safety in range of aromatic amines, free formaldehyde, emission values of volatile formaldehyde compounds
• Short time of delivery
• Attractive price


Clothing – lady`s jackets, jackets, dresses, skirts, home shoes, hats, pillows, curtains, decorations, horse blankets, lining of exclusive boxes for musical instruments and medals.

• Recommended chemical cleaning
• Do not let velvet to get dirty.
• Do not chlorinate
• In the case of DPW finish, delicate gentle hand washing is allowed



Velvet is a fabric with large traditions. For years it has symbolized luxury, class and good taste. Our velvets are extremely soft and delicate. We recommend in 100% cotton velvets or with an admixture of elastic fibers. Cotton is a high hygroscopic fiber. The cotton fabric lets in water vapor and is light, which ensures that it has very good useful properties. Thanks to us, you have a choice. You do not have to dress in plastic fabrics. Think about your and your children’s comfort. We offer a wide range of colors – a choice of 50 colors. Our chief asset is the ability to create the individual color at the customer’s request.

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