Furniture fabrics

As a manufacturer, we offer you a wide selection of upholstery fabrics. The offer includes flat fabrics, traditional plush and soft velour fabrics. They are used by upholsterers and furniture manufacturers, eg. for sofas, sofas, corner sofas, armchairs, chairs, floor cushions, etc. Our fabrics have high abrasion resistance parameters thanks to which they can be used for many years.

Traditional plush fabrics has been appreciated for years by professional furniture manufacturers. An interesting product in this category is Calisia, which was used to produce for example chairs in the Polish Parliament and furniture for the Royal Castle in Warsaw.

The velour fabrics which are produced by our company are fabrics with a modern appearance. They are soft and nice to touch. They are in calm and fashionable colors. The advantage of velour fabrics produced in Runotex is the Magic Clean system, thanks to which most of the dirt that appears on fabrics in everyday use can be washed off with water.

Our portfolio of furniture fabrics also includes flat fabrics, which are characterized by unusual tear and tensile strength, and it is the distinguish feature from similar fabrics on the market.

Thanks to our own laboratory and modern dyeing technologies of polyester and natural fabrics, we can make any color according to the customer’s suggestion. The rich range of colors of our fabrics enables perfect match of the furniture to the interior according to the latest fashion trends and customer`s preferences.

Active participation in the market allows us to stable development, creation and quick and professional reaction to needs of our clients.

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